Building an entire world full of thousands of powerful, unique Gods using the latest blockchain technology is just the beginning.  Here’s what we’ve got planned for MythWars in the near future






phase 1

The Gods are unleashed on the world!  Powerful Gods from all corners of the ancient world- from China to Egypt to the Aztecs, are now available for recruitment on the marketplace.  Players can buy, sell and trade the only Zeus, Thor, or Ra’s in the world using Ethereum smart contracts, gaining a first mover advantage on these rare cryptocollectibles.


New legendary Gods are released every 2 weeks to the community, ensuring that everyone has a chance to get in on this brand new game.  P.S you gotta sign up HERE to ensure that you hear about these releases first!



phase 2

Zeus had Hercules- now you too must ready your heroes for the coming wars.  Train heroes for your army with the powerful blessings of your Gods. Each God grants your heroes superhuman abilities- from Anubis’ power to summon the dead to Zeus’ thunderbolts, transforming them into legendary warriors.


Train your heroes further by fighting against dungeon after dungeon of mythical monsters in an addictive, last stand line battle.  Discover powerful historical relics to make your heroes stronger and even real world treasure-  Ethereum.




phase 3

The fight for the ancient world starts now.  When your heroes are ready, challenge other players to earn Ethereum.  Your heroes, backed by the blessing of their Gods, will battle one on one in an epic duel of champions.  More ambitious players can even enter a grand tournament for the chance to win larger bounties of Ethereum.  May the strongest win!


Be warned though, the competition for the greatest prizes will be fierce.  Only the strongest heroes, trained by the mightiest pantheon of Gods will win- so don’t miss out and join the MythWars right now!