Recruit Gods.  Make Ethereum.

Why Play MythWars?

  1. Join early, buy cheap, sell high

  2. Lower commission than competitors (3.5% vs 10%)

  3. New Gods weekly, 1000's to be added

  4. Supporting creators with legendary artwork



How it Works

T02-160-002   THOR.png

Get started in 3 easy steps!

1.  Install MetaMask, your ETH digital wallet and own some ETH

2. Recruit a legendary God at our marketplace

3. Someone wants your God?  Double your profits or fight to regain ownership!

If you have problems installing MetaMask or want more help, check out our FAQ!

Trading Gods is just the beginning!  We are building exciting gameplay where you will train heroes with your Gods, battle in wars, and conquer lands to earn even more ETH! 

To find out more about what's next, check out our roadmap.

Don't be late to the mythwars!