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Getting Started

What do I need to start playing MythWars?
  • A computer with the latest version of Chrome or Firefox
  • Metamask, a digital wallet designed specifically for web apps
  • Own a bit of Ethereum in MetaMask
  • How do I download MetaMask?
    You can install the MetaMask extension through the Chrome/Firefox webstore.  Simply follow the instructions in the video below or on their website.
    What do I need to do after downloading MetaMask?

    You need at least a bit of Ethereum (ETH) to get started with MythWars!  Just a bit!

    This is just so we can confirm that you have a working digital wallet.

    How do I get Ethereum?

    For U.S Citizens:

    You can buy Ethereum from these places:

    For Non-U.S Citizens

    You need to first purchase Ethereum from an exchange using applicable fiat currency and then transfer it to your MetaMask digital wallet.  Unfortunately, we haven't got the technology yet to use USD or other forms of cash in MythWars, the game uses Ethereum Smart Contracts and so ETH is the only currency of the game.

    To learn how to buy or transfer ETH (for everyone), simply follow the video tutorial below.

    I've got Ethereum, what next?
    Go buy your first God! Head on over to our Marketplace .

    About MythWars

    What is MythWars?
    MythWars is a collectibles game built on blockchain technology. You recruit unique Gods with special powers and lead them in battle to earn you Ethereum.
    What's special about MythWars?

    MythWars is not only one of the first blockchain games but the first that is being designed to let you actively earn Ethereum.

    We understand and foresee that the power of crypto technology isn’t just to make fun games, but also to build the new economy of the future. The ways in which people make a living are constantly changing. First the 9-5 economy, then the gig economy… next the crypto economy?

    MythWars is part of building that vision and we want YOU to join us :)

    How can I earn Ethereum by playing?

    Currently, the main way to earn Ethereum is by buying a God with Ethereum and then holding onto it until another player wants to buy it off you. Sell it to them and see Ethereum deposited directly into your wallet.

    In the future, defeating opponents, conquering territories and other in game mechanics will enable you to win even more Ethereum by playing, and further incentivize players to buy and collect strong Gods.

    Why would someone want to buy my God off me?

    Firstly, no two Gods are alike- in this game we’ve only got one Zeus, Poseidon etc. We use Ethereum Smart Contracts technology to ensure this. Therefore, each God is it’s own one of a kind, special, collectible holding, if you own it you literally own the only one in the world!

    Also, you’re going to need a God to play games and earn more Ethereum. Because each God is unique, some are going to be more powerful than others, so if you’re holding onto a powerful God, they’re going to be VERY valuable in the future!

    What's coming up for MythWars

    After our launch, we plan on releasing new Gods each month to our followers. When enough people have Gods to play, we'll be looking to introduce new game mechanics such as battles and conquering land to enable players to earn even more Ethereum by playing.

    To keep in touch with the latest developments and be the first to get access to new Gods (and free God giveaways) make sure to let us know here!

    Buying and Selling Gods

    How do I buy a God?

    After you’ve found a God that you want on ourMarketplace , click on “BUY THIS CONTRACT”.

    Review the price and click on “Pay with METAMASK” to be directed to confirm your transaction.

    What do contract details mean?

    Here’s a quick run down:

    Contract owner- who currently owns the God Token ID- how our Ethereum smart contracts identifies your unique God Buy now price- the current price for the God
    Why does it say that my transaction may fail?

    Transactions on the Blockchain take time to process. By the time you buy this contract, someone else may have bid more than you and your transaction will fail. If this happens, you will get refunded fully.

    To avoid getting outbid on a contract, we suggest submitting a price higher than that listed. If you bid higher than the contract’s current price, the difference will be refunded automatically

    How do I sell a God?

    Actually, you don’t need to. All Gods are automatically listed as for sale at a price that is double the price you purchased them for. In other words, every time someone buys your God you are guaranteed to get a 100% profit.

    When someone decides to buy your God, you’ll receive a notification and automatically have the Ethereum deposited in your wallet, minus a small “gas” fee as comission.

    What is Ethereum Gas?

    Transactions done via the blockchain are required to be run through multiple servers. This is done to preserve the integrity of the blockchain and ensure that each God is unique.

    Gas is our execution fee for every transaction that we make on your behalf on Ethereum Smart Contracts, and pays for the computational power required. Our gas and comission fee will always be less than 5% of the transaction.

    How do I profit from buying/selling Gods?

    1. Buy a God

    2. Sell it for 2X price

    3. ????

    4. Profit

    As each God is automatically listed as double it's purchase value, for each sale you make you're practically doubling your money.

    Why is my God not doubling in price when I sell it?

    Exponential growth is a double edged sword. 1 ETH, 2 ETH, 4 ETH BOOM your God now costs 1000+ USD. We want you to be able to sell your Gods for more but its hard to do that when the price gets so high quickly.

    That's why early on, the God price will double. As the God price approaches 0.5 ETH (140 USD) the price increases taper off a little. Right now, the formula is something like this:

    0.540, 0.647, 0.774, 0.927, 1.111, 1.311 etc

    Don't worry- you will still profit at over 50 USD per transaction. We understand that this is a big issue for many of our players so feel free to email us at mythwarsofficial@gmail.com if you have any feedback on how you'd like us to scale the increases.

    God Attributes

    What do each God's attributes mean?

    If you look closely in the biography for each God you'll see 6 stats representing attribute scores assigned to your God by us, with higher stats meaning a more powerful God. They include:

      Strength- determines physical power
      Vitality- determines stamina and ability to take a hit
      Dexterity- determines agility and evasiveness
      Intellect- determines strategizing capabilities
      Wisdom- determines good judgement ability
      Leadership- determines ability to lead other Gods

      These stats determine battles between Gods and allow you to build the strongest team.

    What is the maximum attribute score?

    25- although they can be buffed even higher (see below).

    What are buffs?

    As we’re all ancient history buffs, we recognized that stats alone couldn’t tell a complete story about the power of each God. As a nod to this, we wanted to include some historically accurate features that enable you to make your God even more powerful.

    These buffs act as a multiplier to your attributes. In game, they’ll serve to boost your God’s stats when you need them the most and help you win!