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What is MythWars?

MythWars is a game built using blockchain technology, but created by artists.

We combine the security of decentralization with our magical artistry to create unique collectibles belonging only to you.

We have 350+ gods and 1000+ mythical beasts and relics from cultures worldwide. 

As we develop the game, you will be able to earn Ethereum by leading your gods and creatures to battle.

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Why play MythWars?

Here's 3 reasons why you should play MythWars:

    1. OWN A ONE OF A KIND COLLECTIBLE - thanks to the transparent security of the blockchain, each God is an uncopiable, unique treasure. Which is great because our art is beautifully crafted by the greatest artists in the games industry. Moreover, all the artwork is stored on shiftnrg, a fully decentralized hosting service for Dapps, ensuring your God will always belong to you.
    2. BE PREPARED TO EARN ETH- We are designing MythWars to be built around earning Ethereum. Once our phase 1 collectible stage is complete, we will be introducing idle game style mechanics, where you can train your heroes and then fight with them. The more you play, the more you earn
    3. LOW COMMISSION- most other cryptocollectible games charge a sky high comission of 10%+ per transaction. Us? Just 3.5%. That means more profits to you if you buy or trade a God.


Building an entire world full of thousands of powerful, unique Gods using the latest blockchain technology is just the beginning.  Here’s what we’ve got planned for MythWars in the near future


HOW TO Get Early Access to Legendary gods


Get a legendary God for 0.02ETH - 


Here's how you can get exclusive early access to our pantheon of Gods and start playing MythWars!

1. Recruit a legendary God at our marketplace

2. Own the only of its kind in the world!

3. Someone wants your God?  Double your profits or fight to regain ownership!

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